So excited to work as a #pitchwars mentee to @jasouders

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I’m a #pitchwars 2015 mentee! Woohoo!

HUGE announcement! Last night the Pitch Wars 2015 mentees were revealed after weeks of behind the scenes bartering and deliberations, and I was on it! Allow me a moments as I beat my chest and roar my best lion roar (that, really, sounds more like a cat with its tail shut in the door, but shhh … don’t tell me that).

ES Wesley #pitchwars

Still amazed to see my name on the #pitchwars 2015 mentee list!

For those of you who don’t know, Pitch Wars is a contest where authors submit their manuscripts in hopes of being mentored for two months prior to an agent round where agents peruse the submissions like an audiophile in a record store. It’s an unbelievably amazing opportunity, and now I can say that I am one of the Pitch Wars 2015 finalists. Roooaaa-*cough-*cough.

So what does this mean, you ask?

It means that the hard work has just begun. Over the next two months, Pitch Wars mentor and Tor Teen author JA Souders (go buy her books

now!) will work with me to make some industry-specific changes to my manuscript, prepare needed materials, and generally sharpen The Outs until it could split a nose hair, and then comes the agent round.

This is such an amazing honor, and I’m still so humbled that JA Souders chose my manuscript out of all the submissions she received to be the one she worked with.

Huge thanks too to Brenda Drake, who organized this whole shindig, and to all the mentors who are volunteering their time to make this possible (especially my awesome mentor).

Now, on to the hard work.


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