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E.S. Wesley

E.S. Wesley is a serial (or cereal) writer, mentor, and dabbler in whatever other creative endeavors tickle his fancy. He likes to write books with complicated plots and stuff.
E.S. Wesley
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Well, I did it. I survived Pitch Wars 2015. My amazingly awesome mentor, Jessica Souders, put me through the ringer and I came out on the other side with a manuscript that’s more polished, tighter, and packs more punch than my original. Whew!

And now, as were prepare for the agent round, many of the mentees have decided to share a little bit about our manuscripts in the interest of having a little fun. We deserve it. We survived.

THE OUTS comes from an idea that’s been festering in my mind for a very long time. I’ve always hated the way power lines ruin almost every picture there in. They’re everywhere, and, like the roaches of utilities they are, we just can’t get rid of them.

Way back, ages ago, I imagined what kind of technology it might take for us to finally be rid of power lines forever. The best option I could come up with — considering I’m not an electrical engineer or anything of the sort — was if we could find a way to broadcast electricity, or another form of energy, on some kind of airborne wave.

And thus, I started writing a manuscript that will never see the light of day — one of the first books I ever wrote. That book centered on a team of scientists who happened upon an energy source that could broadcast energy over the airwaves, and had to deal with unexpected and harrowing consequences.

It was bad. Like…really bad. You have no idea how bad it was.

As I continued to follow the rabbit trail of consequences that might come as a result of such a power source, though, another book was born. And then another. I kept refining the idea over and over again in my mind until something new and grand was born.

So we come to THE OUTS, set in a world that’s dealing with the fallout of all of these crazy ideas that have fallen through my head and onto paper over the years. But the story of THE OUTS doesn’t hinge on energy, or a constant stream of science-y jargon. THE OUTS is about a good kid who made some bad decisions, a girl whose life fell apart, and a little girl who’s been caught up in a very dangerous game. Everyone has secrets, and those secrets have to power to hurt or help, to turn a person into a villain, or a hero, or a victim.

I’m excited with the hope of being able to share this world with you soon enough. Let’s see what happens in the agent around, and hope that one of these wonderfully awesome agents decides to take a chance on THE OUTS.

Happy reading!

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